General Privacy Policy

Voiir is responsible for this site. Voiir is aware of the importance of protecting privacy and personal information. In order to protect the information you provide us, we have established strict guidelines and security measures. Voiir only collects and stores the personal information required for that specific treatment. It concerns the amount of data collected, how it is processed, who has access to the data and how long it is saved.

Voiir never saves any information regarding your card. Voiir handles personal data according to GDPR, which is an update of the previous PUL (Personal Data Act) introduced in May 2018. GDPR means that it is no longer just names, addresses, email addresses, etc. that are affected, it’s anything that can be used for identification purposes, including IP addresses and Cookie IDs are considered personal data.

Therefore, an active consent for cookies is required. This, you approve the first time you visit the website by clicking “I understand” in the cookie bar. If you do not approve of cookies, change the settings in your browser before browsing the website.

When you shop on our website, you agree and allow Voiir to process and use submitted personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The privacy policy applies to all personal data collected or used by Voiir. It is important that you read and understand our privacy policy before using our services.

How we use the information

We use the information to improve and customize your shopping experience with us and to communicate with you in accordance with this policy.

If you share your personal information, either through our website, email, chat or social media, we will, with your consent, use that data to easily register and review our performance and to improve our online services and our personal service to you.